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Biking tours are great!

Bike blog : The Caferacer commuter bike from Creme Cycles

The right side of Wisla river-the wild bike path in city center, very rare thing. Welcome!


Warszawskie ulice zaraz po wojnie / Warsaw street just after the WWII


 Zielony Jazdów w centrum miasta! / The green “Jazdów” distrct in the centre of the city!20130717123411_Otwarty_Jazdow_foto_2_




Al. Jerozolimskie przed wojną …  Jerusalem Alley before the WWII


Plac Zamkowy zimą!  Castle Square in winter time!

Chmielinski - Zima w Warszawie


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  1. We spent a ,morning with Monika discovering through, and and with her. the knowns and unknowns of the beautiful and thriving city of Warsaw. The tour was well Informed, balanced, competent, friendly, and personal : One of the highlights of my trip to Warsaw. Highly recommended.

  2. Your voice-
    full of music-
    taking our hand-
    gives us a kick-
    shows us your land-
    kissed by the sea-
    made of fruitful sand-
    mountains and rivers-
    we can´t withstand.

  3. Your voice
    full of music
    taking our hand
    gives us a kick
    shows us your land
    kissed by the sea
    made of fruitful sand
    mountains and rivers
    we can´t withstand.

  4. Hi Monika. I actually met you two years ago when you gave my father and I advice in things to do in Warsaw at the B & B. I’m looking for a 2-3 hour tour the afternoon of the 30th of April or the morning of the 1st of May. I’m looking to do something out of the ordinary.

  5. Hello Monika! My husband and I and my cousin and his wife will be in Warsaw from the US for the first time for a very short visit. We were hoping for an introduction to the city on Saturday morning October 22. We would like to see some historical highlights and the new and exciting changes to the city. We are very into art and food and design. We would like a tour mostly by car, I’m not quite sure if you do that or not… I was thinking about 4-5 hours max.

    First, are you available? Can you provide those services and what would the fee be for the day?

    Thank you so much for your consideration!
    All the best!

  6. Hello Monika,

    I read your name from the Rick Steve’s Eastern Europe guide, and would like to hire you, if you are available.

    My husband and I will be in Warsaw just for one day on Sunday, April 9th, 2017. We shall arrive from Amsterdam the evening before, and then will leave for Krakow in the next evening. Since our time in Warsaw is less than 24 hours, we really appreciate it if you can introduce and guide us to the major highlights of the city. Will you be available in that morning (i.e. April 9th, Sunday)?

    We shall be staying at the Chopin Boutique B&B, also recommended by Rick Steve.

    We had used Rick’s private guide recommendation in other countries before, and trusted his recommendation entirely. We trust that you will greatly enhance our Warsaw experience.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon. FYI, I also emailed you yesterday.


  7. Hello Monika,

    I have enjoyed reading your website and the great reviews you receive from clients. My son (19) and I will be arriving in Warsaw by train from Krakow on May 14th. We are interested in booking an all-day tour with you on Monday May 15th. Are you available? And, can you please tell me how much this will cost? We are very interested cycling. We want to experience the culture of Warsaw.

    Lastly – can you recommend a place to stay for 2 nights? Nothing fancy – clean and quite!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

    Tom Potter


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